LBCC Greenhouse(week 3)

This week, for our photojournalism assignment, we were instructed to choose one subject/event and come away having photographed a wide, medium, and close-up of our chosen subject. I found my self with several photographic opportunities this week and it came down to what to choose to fulfill the assignment (I may post the other photographs in a separate blog post.) For the assignment, I chose the impromptu photoshoot of the LBCC greenhouse and Alex Loveday’s personal project of cultivating varieties of strawberries. 

I ran into Alex at the American Association for Woman in Community Colleges’ (AAWCC) Earth Week booth, on the LBCC Albany Campus. In honor of Earth Week, the AAWCC was giving away potted plants, flower seeds, and baby Douglas fir trees. Alex and I were both there to get plants (I was also there for photos.) Alex and I shared a former class together and so we recognized each other and got to chatting. Alex mentioned he worked in the green house and invited me to the International Carnivores Plant Day carnivores plant give away (May 3rd, mark your calendars!) Next thing I knew, we were getting permission for a greenhouse tour of carnivores plants. 

Spoiler, there are no carnivores plants in this photo series (those will have to wait for another blog post.) After the excitement of learning a great deal about carnivores plants, Alex showed me his personal project of cultivating strawberry varieties. I was so impressed and inspired by Alex’s passion and knowledge of his craft that the following is what emerged as the worthwhile story to tell this week.

It is Earth Week for 2023, Alex Loveday is tending his varieties of strawberries in the Linn Benton Community College greenhouse. Alex is an environmental science horticulture major and also works in LBCC in the greenhouse. 

Alex Lovday has been working on several cultivars of strawberries. Alex plans to transfer to Oregon State University (OSU) and hopes that his developing of strawberry cultivars will strengthen his resumé for when he applies to OSU’s horticulture program.

Alex Loveday displays one of the strawberry plants from his personal project. Note the masking tape tags that indicate crosses between the various varieties he is blending. 


  1. Evan! These are so great. Anyone who has hung out with Alex lately knows how passionate about strawberry plants he is. I think you captured this perfectly!


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